A slinky, silver dress goes boldly


My boyfriend is a huge Star Trek fan. I've always thought it harmless fun but never wanted to incorporate it into my life. He recently invited me to a Trekkie party and insists I come "in uniform."

I have no intention of wearing a costume, but I don't want to make my boyfriend uncomfortable.

Have you any ideas for an outfit that would be space-age but sexy?

I'd go for a dress in silver. It looks more futuristic than gold, and it's also sleeker. Find one with a modern or geometric pattern. (Remember, there are no flowers in space.)

Keep it as body-fitting and as bare as you dare. Then your boyfriend won't be disappointed.

Jewelry should be minimal. Perhaps a silver cuff or one earring. Do your hair in the simplest style or just slick it back. As for makeup, use silver eye shadow and one of the new deep-grape lip glosses.

All I can find are squared-toe pumps in patent or shiny leather. Are square toes really that important? I know the '70s are back in style, but this trend isn't for me.

Keep looking. You will eventually find the pair you're looking for.

Laura Moltedo of Italy's Bottega Veneta says square toes will be more rounded on shoes for spring '97. She urges you to keep an open mind about the square-toe trend:

"Even in larger sizes, square toes are pretty if not too exaggerated. In velvet, suede or satin they can be quite appealing.

"Are they here to stay? Yes, at least for next season."

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Pub Date: 12/05/96

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