Horace M. Huffman Jr.,82, a retired bicycle...

Horace M. Huffman Jr.,82, a retired bicycle maker and executive of the company that became Huffy Corp., died Friday in Dayton, Ohio, after attending a memorial service for one of his sons.

Mr. Huffman's father, Horace M. Huffman Sr., founded Huffman Manufacturing Co., which is now called Huffy Corp. and makes the nation's top-selling brand of bicycles.


Mr. Huffman was in town from his winter home in Delray Beach, Fla., for a memorial service for his son, Michael Gordon Huffman Sr., who died Nov. 21 at age 48. The elder Mr. Huffman died of an apparent heart attack after collapsing during a walk after the service.

Mr. Huffman was born in Dayton in 1914. He retired as the company's chief executive in 1973 and as chairman in 1984.


Idries Shah,72, an author born in India whose books about the varieties of Islamic mysticism known as Sufism have been widely published in the West, died Nov. 23 in London. The Daily Telegraph, in reporting his death Saturday, said he had had heart trouble.

His book "The Sufis" (1964, Doubleday) has won wide praise. Author Doris Lessing, writing in the New York Times Books Review in 1977, called it "comprehensively informative."

Mr. Shah, who was born in Simla, India, and moved to Britain in the mid-1950s, wrote more than two dozen other books, including "The Way of the Sufi" (1968) and "Neglected Aspects of Sufi Study" (1977).

Miriam Levin Goldberg,80, who studied underachievement by gifted youths and taught at Teachers College of Columbia University, died of emphysema Nov. 21 at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center. She lived in the Bronx.

Dr. Goldberg, a professor of psychology and education, was co-author, with Harry Passow and Abraham Tannenbaum, of "Planning for Talented Youth" (1955, Teachers College). She also wrote "Research on the Talented" (1965) and "The Effect of Ability Grouping" (1966), both published by the college.

Jan Behr,85, who conducted nearly 150 performances at the Metropolitan Opera, died Nov. 21 at his home in Lakewood, N.J. He also had a home in New York City. A native of Prague who survived imprisonment in several concentrhyphetion camps during World War II, he joined the Metropolitan Opera in 1952 as assistant conductor and was made associate conductor in 1964.

He studied law at the University of Prague, where he also enrolled in classes for piano and conducting being given by George Szell. After graduation, he served as Mr. Szell's assistant at the German Opera House in Prague.

Mara Palmer,77, an interior decorator who worked on yachts and offices and private homes in the United States and Europe, died of lung cancer Nov. 20 at her home in New York City. Among Mrs. Palmer's assignments were the Restaurant Daniel, a French restaurant that opened three years ago, and the apartment of James Berry Hill, owner of Berry-Hill Galleries, whose home was featured in Architectural Digest in 1992.


Pub Date: 12/03/96