Diamond jubileeIt's the thought that counts. We...

Diamond jubilee

It's the thought that counts. We wonder, however, about the sugar plums dancing in the head of a guy who would spring for a $1 million bra for his sweetie. The folks at Victoria's Secret are accepting orders to build a cleavage-enhancing Miracle bra studded with diamonds as one of their holiday catalog fantasy gifts. The prototype is shown on ubermodel Claudia Schiffer.


The trimmings add up to about 90 diamonds.

Givers are asked to specify size and allow 12 weeks for delivery. Too late now for a holiday eve unwrapping, however, a Vic's publicist assures us a certificate and presentation box in tTC anatomically-inspired velvet would be arranged. Call (800) 888-8200. There have been inquiries, but Vic's elves won't start stitching sparklers until they see the $1 million up front.


It was bound to happen. Modern mommies who have reduced their wardrobes to minimalist black and spare career clothes are a sorry source for dress-up play. Fancy old hats, lacy slips and retired taffetas that once upon a time were pretend princess finery have gone the way of white gloves.

Moms who want to find fantasy dress-ups for their darlings now have a source in A Wish Come True, purveyors of storybook style. Girls can be ballerinas, sweethearts, flappers, vamps, beauty queens or harem girls with all the accessories, including feather boas, tiaras, dance skirts, and the like. Options for boys are narrower -- in the superhero, pirate, cowboy tradition. Costs can add up when one adds the $18 glass slippers to the $32 lavender leotard with the glitter chiffon sleeves and sequin trim.

The dream item is the $175 girl's ultimate dress-up trunk with a variety of costume possibilities including a star wand, fun fur stole with a silver lame lining, pearls, chiffon, the works. Clothes are sized 4 to 14. Some of the styles are available at Nordstrom and Kids R Us. For catalog information, call (215) 781-2000 or fax (800) 755-9360.

Cars and personal style are practically inseparable. General Motors understands this and has been the automotive sponsor of the New York fashion collections of the Council of Fashion Designers of America since 1993. This season GM commissioned five designer-original vehicles, which will be sold in silent auction for Concept: Cure, to benefit the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research.

Designers Nicole Miller, Richard Tyler, Anna Sui, Mark Eisen and Todd Oldham customized '96 models. Miller's Cadillac features airbrushed silver highlights and embossed leather print interior. Sui's Yukon sports utility vehicle matches her favorite purple nail polish and is carpeted in faux leopard. Tyler's Buick Riviera has pearlized leather interior. Oldham went the limit with an Olds Bravada (above), giving the whole exterior a simulated wood-grain finish. The interior of Eisen's Camaro Z28 is fitted and detailed in leather.

The cars can be seen in the December Neiman Marcus book and Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Premiere magazines. Bids accepted until Dec. 20 at 5 p.m. Call (888) 4GM-CURE.