Gift recycling: The more money people make,...


Gift recycling: The more money people make, the more likely they are to take a gift they didn't like and give it to someone else, American Express reports. In the poll of 1,005 adults, 37 percent of respondents earning $50,000 a year or more said they had recycled a gift. Yet only 22 percent of respondents whose incomes are under $15,000 said they have.

Gadget outlook: Housewares manufacturers, like computer makers and soft drink companies, are looking overseas to get big sales increases. The National Housewares Manufacturers Association expects 1997 to be a difficult year for the industry in the United States because of predictions that the economy will soften.

Your computer: Choosing software for gifts. Michael Himowitz. 2e

Pub Date: 12/01/96

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