Opponent's playbook STEELERS (9-3) VS. RAVENS (3-9)



The formation: The formation is pro right, with tight end Jonathan Hayes (85) lined up on the right side. It's also an offset formation because the fullback, Tim Lester (34), lines up to the right split between the tackle and tight end. Wide receiver Andre Hastings is split left and Charles Johnson (81) is the wide receiver on the other side.

The action: Once the ball is snapped, Hastings and Johnson cut and seal off the cornerbacks. Left tackle John Jackson blocks the end and left guard Will Wolford and center Dermontti Dawson double-team the tackle, then Dawson scrapes off to block the back-side linebacker. Hayes blocks down on the end, and right guard Tom Myslinski and right tackle Justin Strzelczyk pull right. Strzelczyk seals on the play-side outside linebacker, and Myslinski looks inside for the other linebacker. Lester leads through on the strong safety as halfback Jerome Bettis (36) takes a toss from quarterback Mike Tomczak (18), who reverse-pivots before the pitch.

Pub Date: 12/01/96

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