Why did voters return Bartlett to Congress?Why...


Why did voters return Bartlett to Congress?

Why Rep. Roscoe Bartlett? Why do voters of the 6th District insist on sending such an extremist back to Congress? Do his values reflect the majority of this district? Here's a man who has had militia backing in his campaign, doesn't believe in a minimum wage, wanted to close the national parks and is against women's reproductive rights, for starters.

He voted against the Family and Medical Leave Act, saw no problem with companies who had massive layoffs of workers while the CEOs got fatter and voted to cut Medicare. He has one of the worst environmental voting records in Congress as well.

Recently, he backed a bill that would regulate the types of reading matter that would be allowed to be sold on military bases. It would start with men's magazines, but where would it stop? This is a guy who claims to always carry a copy of the U.S. Constitution in his pocket. Yet he is perfectly willing to rework it or ignore it to make it conform to his own distorted views.

Conservatives such as Mr. Bartlett think government is evil, yet benefit from it disproportionately. They want government off our backs, they say, but are quick to pass restrictive laws which take away individual rights when something offends them personally.

If you examine a typical conservative Republican's voting record, you will see that they are tools of the big corporations. Why vote for someone who is not looking out for the people and natural resources of this country?

Russ Mullaly

Ellicott City

Why Republicans fared well locally

Before the election, there were many letters written to the editor about Republicans. Some were favorable, others were not. I want to say that I am proud to be a Republican. I believe in the

conservative values that are the foundation of the Republican Party. Good government is based on the individual and each person's ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized. Government exists to serve the people, not for people to serve government.

As the local Bob Dole/Jack Kemp campaign coordinator, I would like to recognize all those who assisted with both the Dole/Kemp presidential and Bartlett for Congress campaigns. Although the evening of Nov. 5 brought some disappointment for Republicans nationally, Republicans in Carroll can take great satisfaction that we did our part to retain Republican control of Congress.

It is not possible to list the names of everyone who volunteered. However, I would like to mention a few who made both campaigns here in Carroll successful. Without the help of Koreen Hughes, who gave nearly every waking hour to coordinate the door-to-door and phone calling, much of the work would not have been done. Jim Harris Sr. and his sons, Mike and Jim, did a fantastic job in putting up the campaign signs. I want to thank the ladies from the Carroll County Women's Republican Club and the Taneytown Women's Republican Club for manning the headquarters and doing the phone calling. And thanks to Joyce Brown, Margie Strassman, Frank Crowson, Pat Holbert and Adam Forester, president of the Young Republicans, who all put in many hours of hard work.

Needless to say, there were others who gave a tremendous amount of time. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.

W. David Blair


The writer was the Dole/Kemp coordinator in Carroll County.

Building a pavilion at Springfield without consulting the people? Why?

Dear Commissioner W. Benjamin Brown:

I am naive. As your appointed citizen representative to the Springfield Hospital Task Force committee, I have disregarded the rumor circulating in South Carroll concerning pursuit of Cellar Door Productions interest in the Warfield complex on the site of Springfield Hospital Center.

Do you remember appointing me? Back in September 1995, I attended the first meeting of the task force. Our responsibility was to develop viable and appropriate uses for the excess land )) at Springfield Hospital Center.

Our goal was to convince the state that Carroll County could ingeniously create a business and community environment on the excess lands of Springfield that would be sensitive to and compatible with the hospital. Hopefully, the state would recognize our efforts and commitment and identify one of the other state psychiatric hospitals for closure.

When I left that meeting on Sept. 26, 1995, I was optimistic and energized. You seemed to have a vision. I called the following day to submit my name to work on two subcommittees. Unfortunately, I never heard from you again. I called several times to find out when the subcommittee was meeting. No one in your office seemed to know the details.

As the months passed, your attentions seemed to be directed at attending to the myriad complex issues facing our county: overcrowded schools, inadequate facilities and diminished revenue problems.

I was patient. I had faith in you. I believed you when you said you understood South Carroll's concerns. Consequently, I believed that if there were any truth to the rumor of a "Merriweather-like" pavilion in our area, you would have at least contacted your citizen representatives to discuss the possibility. I couldn't have been more naive.

I've tried to contact you twice in the last month to ask you questions about this. You haven't returned my calls. Since editorial writing seems to be your forte, I hope you will openly respond to my questions.

1) Traffic: Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia attracts anywhere from 5,000 to 17,000 people for a concert. It has two four-lane major north- and southbound highways carrying those people to and from concerts. In addition, Little Patuxent Parkway is the four-lane feeder road onto the property. With all this infrastructure in place, traffic still backs up to Route 29 on concert nights. How did you plan to handle that issue? What other roads did you think could handle that burden? Route 26? Route 97? Those alternatives would be disastrous.

2) Police: Howard County needs approximately 25 to 30 officers serving in tactical, traffic and security roles outside the concert pavilion. Private security officers handle the crowd with the pavilion. Where are we going to get those officers? Will they be trained in tactical skills to handle widespread civil disobedience? Are you planning to ask for additional state police? Do you plan to ask Sykesville police to handle the situation?

Also, about 70 percent of the violations occurring during a concert at Merriweather are alcohol- and drug-related, civil disobedience and traffic violations. Why would you consider introducing those kinds of problems to our area?

3) Noise: About three years ago, the state health department cited Merriweather Post Pavilion for noise violations. The noise level after 11 p.m. exceeded state standards. Do you realize how close this pavilion would be to the communities of Amberly, Hilltop, Clipper Hill, Eldersburg Estates and Carrolltowne? What are your thoughts on controlling the noise?

4) Why here?: There are four major concert arenas within 50 miles of Sykesville, the Nissan Pavilion and Patriot Center in Virginia and Merriweather Post Pavilion and USAir Arena in Maryland. Why do you think we need another?

5) Appropriateness: How could you consider exposing the patients of Springfield Hospital Center to the kind of chaos and disruption that would naturally occur when you invite 15,000 people to attend a concert next door?

Mr. Brown, you worked at Springfield. State psychiatric centers are supposed to be respites for the mentally ill. Springfield's serenity is its crowning jewel. Any development of excess land should be approached with the idea that it integrates easily with the psychiatric hospital. Don't you think we have a social responsibility to protect and nurture the recovery of Springfield's patients?

My mother used to have an expression about politicians: 'Watch them closely, most of them are as dumb as a fox."

We're watching, Mr. Brown.

Kathleen L. Homeman


While we all are in shock over the possibility of a Cellar Door/Ben Brown arena in South Carroll/Sykesville, the real question is: Who leads this county we live in?

How can a department of our local government proceed without the leaders knowing what is going on?

Can this be a good cop/bad cop kind of game to test the waters or is this leadership out of control? We have heard on many occasions that we need to bite the bullet to get things done at the cost of our wallets and values. Now we are presented this nightmare of a solution.

While Mr. Brown is putting the responsibility for this project on the state, the facts are that Ben Brown and Jack Lyburn are the only persons to promote this idea. While Richard Yates and Donald Dell plead that they were out of the loop and don't have a clue where this idea came from, we can rest assured that this is our leadership in retreat.

We are again being led down a road of no solutions and bad proposals.

Michael Willinger


Pub Date: 12/01/96

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