Wishnick leads in fund-raising in school board race She has raised about 40% more than Schuchardt; CAMPAIGN 1996


Francine Wishnick has raised almost 40 percent more money than Jane Schuchardt in what continues to be a low-budget dTC campaign for Howard County school board.

Wishnick raised $4,035 through Oct. 20, about $1,600 more than the $2,416 raised by Schuchardt, according to the latest campaign finance reports. The amounts are substantially less than what was raised by three of the four candidates at the same point in the 1994 school board race.

Schuchardt and Wishnick are running in the Nov. 5 election for the school board seat held by Susan Cook. Cook decided not to seek re-election.

The difference in money raised by Schuchardt and Wishnick is accentuated by the amount each candidate has made in loans to her campaign.

Of the money raised by Schuchardt, $1,500 -- or more than 60 percent -- comes from loans she has made to her own campaign. She said that $500 of those loans are being used only as a checking account minimum and won't be spent.

Meanwhile, Wishnick has made a $450 loan to her own campaign, less than 12 percent of her total funds.

Wishnick's contributors -- more than 75 people -- generally gave donations of $50 or less, including 37 who bought tickets at $26 per person (or $50 per couple) for a June fund-raiser she held in Columbia's Dorsey's Search village.

Many others gave $10 to $25 in lieu of attending the event.

"I think it shows I have more supporters who have contributed to the campaign," Wishnick said.

Wishnick's donors include a number of current and former PTA leaders, Columbia Council members and county and state politicians -- including County Council member C. Vernon Gray, State Del. and former County Executive Elizabeth Bobo, State Sen. Martin G. Madden, State's Attorney Marna McLendon, and Columbia Council members Hope Sachwald, Roy T. Lyons and David Berson.

Schuchardt's list of donors is far shorter but includes several large donations -- of $50 or more -- from two former school board members, Dana Hanna and John Murphy, and area teachers. Hanna gave the same amount to Wishnick's campaign before the primary.

"I think this shows I'm not a big spender," Schuchardt said. "I was quite surprised to receive some of the donations that arrived in the mail."

Both candidates say they are done raising funds for next week's election. Most money has been spent on such items as fliers, yard signs, T-shirts, postage, banking fees and advertising in programs for high school athletics.

As of the Oct. 20 reporting date, Wishnick had $511 left, and Schuchardt had $1,527 remaining. Schuchardt said some of her remaining money will be spent on advertising in local newspapers this week. Neither is advertising on cable TV.

The amounts raised by both candidates are substantially less than what was raised at this point in the 1994 campaign for school board.

In that race, four candidates were running for two open school board seats. Three of the four candidates had raised more than $6,200 by the campaign finance deadline just before the election, while the fourth had raised $2,190.

Pub Date: 10/29/96

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