Packing a knife with her lunch gets...


Packing a knife with her lunch gets student arrested

"Mom was busy, and dad had gone to work," was 11-year-old Charlotte Kirk's plea after school officials in Columbia, S.C., had her expelled and arrested for packing a knife in her lunch box to cut a piece of chicken.

The sixth-grade honors student said she never even took the knife out of her lunch box last Friday. She asked a teacher if it was OK to use it and was told "no" and got a lecture. As she was leaving school with her father, she was arrested. She was later told she was expelled.

A hearing board is to decide when Charlotte can return to school. She will also have to go to Family Court on the criminal charge.

Schools Superintendent Don Henderson said the school followed policy: "When a weapon is found, the police have to be called," he said.

Web site helps find missing cats and dogs

Forget those fliers on telephone poles. Now you can look for your lost pet in cyberspace.

Thanks to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, people who want to advertise missing or found cats and dogs can post information on the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's new Animal Care site on the World Wide Web.

The page, which can display pictures scanned from ordinary photographs, lists lost and found animals by state.

It should also help research institutions make sure they do not receive lost or stolen animals, officials hope.

The URTL, or address, of the new Animal Care site is http: // 80/reac.

Brit drivers asked to slow for badger mating season

British animal lovers were warning motorists this week to look out for lovesick badgers likely to throw themselves under the wheels of cars in a frenzied hunt for mates.

The National Federation of Badger Groups said one-fifth of Britain's 250,000 badger population is killed by speeding cars each year.

Most of the deaths happen in the autumn breeding season, when the animals follow ancient badger trails across busy roads in search of a mate.

"They cross the roads and are run over by drivers going too fast to stop," said the NFBG's Pauline Kidner. "They don't stand a chance."

Motown mover Berry Gordy gets star on Walk of Fame

Berry Gordy has made plenty of stars. Now he's officially one himself.

"I'm overwhelmed," the Motown Records founder said as he was given a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. "This is just an incredible experience."

Friends Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder, artists whose careers were shaped by Gordy, attended the unveiling ceremony Thursday.

Gordy began his career as a songwriter. He composed hundreds of songs, many recorded by his artists and some of them top 10 hits, including "I'll Be There," sung by the Jackson 5.

Culkin family back to court to continue their legal battle

Actor Macaulay Culkin and his family are expected to be back in before a judge Nov. 4.

The family's legal wrangling has gone on for more than a year. Still at issue is which parent will have custody of the children and who will manage their acting careers. Culkin, 16, also is seeking access to his $17 million trust fund to help support the family. An appeal filed to open the Manhattan court proceedings to the press threatens to prolong the case.

As for Klein, color him gone from his job at Newsweek

Joe Klein, the formerly anonymous author of "Primary Colors," is quitting his job as a political reporter and columnist for Newsweek to write for the New Yorker.

Klein, 50, will write the magazine's "Letter from Washington" column starting in December, editor Tina Brown announced this week.

He replaces Michael Kelly, who is taking over editorship of the New Republic.

"Joe Klein is a superb reporter and analyst, as he proved at Newsweek, and a real writer, as he proved with 'Primary Colors.' That's a combination you don't often come across," Brown said.

Today's birthdays

Singer Neal Matthews of the Jordanaires is 67. Actor Bob Hoskins is 54. TV host Pat Sajak is 50. First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is 49. Actress Jaclyn Smith is 49. Musician Bootsy Collins is 45. Rock musician Keith Strickland of the B-52's is 43. Actor Cary Elwes is 34. Singer Natalie Merchant is 33.

Rodeo drive

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