Injury report


Sunday's games

St. Louis at Ravens

RAMS: Out: WR Alexander Wright (back). Questionable: LB Carlos Jenkins (ankle). Probable: S Torin Dorn (neck), S Jeremy Lincoln (hamstring), WR Jermaine Ross (ankle), S Toby Wright (hamstring).

RAVENS: Out: DE Rob Burnett (knee), C Steve Everitt (shoulder), DT Dan Footman (arm), TE Frank Hartley (knee). Questionable: T Orlando Brown (foot-knee), LB Mike Caldwell (knee), T Tony Jones (ankle), G Jonathan Ogden (knee), LB Craig Powell (shoulder), S Eric Turner (ankle). Probable: DE Rick Lyle (leg).

Carolina at Philadelphia

PANTHERS: Questionable: DE Mike Fox (foot), DE Shawn King (groin). Probable: LB Myrone Baker (knee), T Mathew Campbell (leg), S Brett Maxie (hamstring), G Greg Skrepenak (knee).

EAGLES: Probable: LB Ray Farmer (hand), DE William Fuller (elbow), S James Fuller (knee), DT Andy Harmon (knee), RB Derrick Witherspoon (chest).

Indianapolis at Washington

COLTS: Out: RB Zack Crockett (knee). Doubtful: TE Bradford Banta (hand), LB Quentin Coryatt (chest). Questionable: RB Marshall Faulk (foot), T Jason Matthews (ankle), DT Tony McCoy (ankle). Probable: S Derwin Gray (head), QB Jim Harbaugh (nose), LB Jeff Herrod (wrist), DE Tony Siragusa (knee).

REDSKINS: Out: DT Marc Boutte (knee). Doubtful: T Tre Johnson (knee), DE Sterling Palmer (knee). Probable: CB Darrell Green (calf), RB Marc Logan (neck), S Darryl Pounds (hip), T Ed Simmons (knee), WR Michael Westbrook (knee).

Jacksonville at Cincinnati

JAGUARS: Out: G Jeff Novak (hamstring). Questionable: DT Kelvin Pritchett (groin), WR Jimmy Smith (hamstring). Probable: T Tony Boselli (thigh), WR Kendricke Bullard (knee), S Travis Davis (knee), TE Pete Mitchell (calf), RB James Stewart (shoulder).

BENGALS: Probable: G Scott Brumfield (knee), LB Gerald Dixon (back), CB Leonard Wheeler (shoulder),

N.Y. Giants at Detroit

GIANTS: Out: DT Keith Hamilton (knee). Questionable: RB Keith Elias (ankle), LB Corey Widmer (chest). Probable: DE Michael Strahan (ribs).

LIONS: Doubtful: DT Luther Elliss (knee), CB Corey Raymond (knee), G Tony Semple (knee). Questionable: LB Stephen Boyd (abdomen), LB Tracy Scroggins (ankle). Probable: LB Reggie Brown (knee), DE Robert Porcher (arm).

Pittsburgh at Atlanta

STEELERS: Out: DE Kevin Henry (foot), G Brenden Stai (elbow), WR Yancey Thigpen (hamstring). Probable: CB Randy Fuller (quadriceps), WR Andre Hastings (foot), RB Fred McAfee (neck), P Josh Miller (hernia), RB Erric Pegram (knee), QB Kordell Stewart (toe), CB Rod Woodson (knee).

FALCONS: Doubtful: DT Travis Hall (ankle). Questionable: WR Bert Emanuel (hamstring), CB Darrell Walker (hamstring). Probable: WR Tyrone Brown (ankle), WR Eric Metcalf (hamstring), G Mike Zandofsky (shoulder).

San Francisco at Houston

49ERS: Out: DE Dennis Brown (knee), TE Brent Jones (shoulder), T Kirk Scrafford (foot), WR J.J. Stokes (wrist). Doubtful: QB Elvis Grbac (shoulder). Questionable: CB Steve Israel (thigh), LB Kevin Mitchell (hip). Probable: CB Frankie Smith (knee), RB Tommy Vardell (ankle), LB Lee Woodall (elbow), QB Steve Young (groin).

OILERS: Questionable: KR Mel Gray (back), LB Terry Killens (hamstring).

Tampa Bay at Green Bay

BUCCANEERS: Out: TE Jackie Harris (knee). Doubtful: G Jim Pyne (ankle). Questionable: DT Brad Culpepper (ankle).

PACKERS: Out: WR Robert Brooks (knee). Questionable: WR Terry Mickens (ankle). Probable: RB Edgar Bennett (shoulder), T Earl Dotson (ankle), T John Michels (knee).

Dallas at Miami

COWBOYS: Out: TE Jay Novacek (back), DT Mike Ulufale (knee), WR Kevin Williams (foot). Questionable: S Bill Bates (thumb), DE Shante Carver (ankle), DE Charles Haley (back), T Mark Tuinei (knee). Probable: WR Billy Davis (toe), CB Deion Sanders (ankle).

DOLPHINS: Questionable: TE Troy Drayton (knee). Probable: WR Fred Barnett (knee), WR Kirby Dar Dar (ankle), DT Steve Emtman (hamstring), S Sean Hill (toe), LB Dwight Hollier (elbow), CB Calvin Jackson (knee), QB Dan Marino (ankle).

Kansas City at Denver

CHIEFS: Questionable: T John Alt (back), CB Darren Anderson (knee), TE Derrick Walker (shoulder), S William White (ankle). Probable: DE Vaughn Booker (shoulder), CB James Hasty (hip), WR Tamarick Vanover (hip).

BRONCOS: Probable: RB Terrell Davis (toe), DT Jumpy Geathers (thigh), DE Dan Williams (knee).

N.Y. Jets at Arizona

JETS: Out: DE Hugh Douglas (ankle), LB Marvin Jones (knee), QB Neil O'Donnell (shoulder). Questionable: WR Jeff Graham (knee), WR Webster Slaughter (hamstring). Probable: LB Kyle Clifton (hamstring).

CARDINALS: Out: C Mike Devlin (knee). Doubtful: CB J.J. McCleskey (hamstring). Questionable: RB Larry Centers (hip). Probable: DT Eric Swann (ankle).

San Diego at Seattle

CHARGERS: Out: C Courtney Hall (shoulder-knee), CB Dwayne Harper (hamstring), QB Stan Humphries (shoulder), G Troy Sienkiewicz (neck). Questionable: C David Binn (groin), LB Dwayne Gordon (ankle), TE Alfred Pupunu (groin), LB Junior Seau (knee), LB Glen Young (calf).

SEAHAWKS: Out: RB Reggie Brown (knee). Doubtful: DE Matt " LaBounty (knee). Probable: LB Terry Wooden (hamstring).

Buffalo at New England

BILLS: Questionable: LB Sam Rogers (ankle), WR Steve Tasker (foot). Probable: DE Phil Hansen (ankle), DE Bruce Smith (ankle).

PATRIOTS: Questionable: WR Vincent Brisby (hamstring), S Corwin Brown (hip), CB Ricky Reynolds (ankle).

Monday's game

Chicago at Minnesota

BEARS: Out: G Todd Burger (leg), RB Robert Green (knee).

VIKINGS: Probable: DE Derrick Alexander (hip), C Jeff Christie (shoulder), CB Corey Fuller (knee), DE Fernando Smith (shoulder).

Pub Date: 10/25/96

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