Jose Dominador Bazan,79, who served as president...

Jose Dominador Bazan,79, who served as president of Panama for 10 days and later turned down an offer to return to the presidency after a coup, died in Panama City, Panama. Relatives did not disclose the date or cause of death, but newspapers reported that he recently suffered a heart attack.

A conservative and free-market advocate, he was elected vice president under Roberto Chiari in 1960 and served briefly as interim president in 1962.


In 1968, Mr. Bazan was elected vice president under Arnulfo fTC Arias, but that government was overthrown by a military coup 11 days later. The engineers of the coup offered to install Mr. Bazan as president, but he declined. He also served as interior minister, congressman and ambassador to several Latin American countries.

John Hillaby,69, whose string of popular travel books began in 1964 with "Journey to the Jade Sea," an account of a walk to Lake Turkana in Kenya, died Saturday in London.


An enthusiastic hiker who lived at York in northern England, he estimated he had walked the equivalent of three times round the world in his life. "Journey to the Jade Sea," involved a 1,100-mile round-trip walk across desert and mountains.

J. Bracken Lee,97, a conservative Republican and former governor of Utah who opposed income taxes, the United Nations and government programs, died Sunday in Salt Lake City. A two-term governor, he was first elected in 1948. His tight control helped create a budget surplus, but he lost his bid for a third term when he was defeated by George Clyde in the 1956 GOP primaries.

Edith Tilton Penrose,81, an economist and authority on oil and author of an influential book on business, died Oct. 11 in London.

Pub Date: 10/22/96