Game 2 matchup


Braves' Greg Maddux (17-12, 2.64)

vs. Yankees' Jimmy Key (12-11, 4.65)

(records include postseason)

What Maddux throws: Fastball, slider, changeup, thrown at many different speeds and often out of reach of the hitters. Maddux pitches the same way Andy Pettitte pitches for the Yankees, throwing to the corners of the strike zone and then trying to get hitters to chase balls away.

What Maddux has done lately: Maddux pitched masterfully in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, beating the Cardinals, 3-1. Maddux allowed only six hits, walked none and struck out seven. In the postseason, Maddux is 1-1 with a 2.51 ERA.

Something to look for: NL umpire Terry Tata will call the balls and strikes, and like many of the other NL umps, he may allow Maddux to expand the strike zone. If the Yankees reach base, they'll probably run; the conventional wisdom in the NL is that running on Maddux can distract him.

What Key throws: Fastball, slider and changeup. Key won't ever give into hitters, and if the Braves are patient, they can exploit this. Against the Orioles, Key wouldn't throw strikes, even when he was behind in the count, and the Orioles swung anyway. To beat Key, the Braves need to take walks.

What Key has done lately: Key beat the Orioles, 5-2, on Oct. 11, in the turning point of the American League Championship Series. He allowed only three hits in eight innings in Game 3, walking one and striking out five, in perhaps his best outing since coming back from shoulder problems.

Something to look for: Key must have command of his changeup, which he uses to finish hitters after setting them up with his fastball and breaking ball. If he throws bad changeups, they'll get whacked.

Pub Date: 10/21/96

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