Vito Stellino's power rankings


1. Green Bay: Even the refs are on the Packers' bandwagon.

2. Pittsburgh: Is Maryland on the Steelers' soft schedule?

3. San Francisco: 49ers need to get Steve Young back.

4. Dallas: Emmitt Smith is helped by Michael Irvin's return.

5. Denver: John Elway gets to "dis" Baltimore again.

6. Buffalo: Jim Kelly's time has come and gone.

7. Miami: Jimmy Johnson's almost as good as he thinks he is.

8. Indianapolis: Jim Harbaugh turns winning ugly into an art form.

9. Kansas City: Steve Bono's not the answer.

10. Washington: Darrell Green still has that speed.

11. New England: Bill Parcells still misses LT.

12. San Diego: Waiting for the Raiders.

13. Philadelphia: Ty Detmer's not the answer.

14. Minnesota: Fading after fast start.

15. Detroit: This should be Wayne Fontes' last year.

16. Houston: WWF would like Steelers-Oilers.

17. Carolina: Kerry Collins needs to improve.

18. Ravens: Can Antonio Langham make it seven straight?

19. Oakland: Has Jeff Hostetler gotten into a groove?

20. Arizona: Bucs won't draw many fans in Tempe.

21. Seattle: Rick Mirer's heading out of town.

22. Chicago: Dave Wannstedt's no Jimmy Johnson.

23. St. Louis: Rich Brooks may not be an NFL coach.

24. N.Y. Giants: Even Bill Troup was better than Dave Brown.

25. Jacksonville: What a schedule! Jets and Rams back-to-back.

26. Cincinnati: Dave Shula should keep his bags packed.

27. New Orleans: Imagine, two wins in a row.

28. Tampa Bay: Bucs may have blown shot at Peyton Manning.

29. Atlanta: Falcons are alive in Manning derby.

30. N.Y. Jets: Rich Kotite is 3-27 in past 30 games.

Pub Date: 10/18/96

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