Game 1 in review

Rich Garcia -- DOWN -- The umpire has two calls to make in 10 innings, he totally botches them, and it affects the outcome of the game. Shameful.

Defense -- DOWN -- Both teams played the game poorly, from bobbles to missed pop flys to a bizarre balk.


Brady Anderson -- UP -- Hit No. 53 yesterday, more homers than any other player in the majors this year.

Rafael Palmeiro -- UP -- The home run and runs scored were great. But he also helped the Orioles tremendously with his soft hands.


Larry Barnett -- DOWN --The umpires complain about players inciting the fans, yet when Barnett called out Roberto Alomar on strikes in the first inning, Barnett jumped a couple of steps to make an emphatic call, and pumped up the Yankee Stadium crowd.

Roberto Alomar -- HORZ -- Jeered loud and long, he looked jittery at the plate and in the field.

Bernie Williams -- UP -- Finishes off the Orioles.


"If spectator interference clearly prevents a fielder from catching a fly ball, the umpire shall declare the batter out." -- The Major League Baseball Official Rules, Rule 3.16.


Orioles hitters made Yankees starter Andy Pettitte work, fouling off 12 two-strike pitches and taking 10 others for balls.

The good


Yankees rookie shortstop Derek Jeter had a great game, with four hits, including the controversial homer.

The bad

The sky was overcast and sun was not a factor when Tim Raines hit in the bottom of the first inning, but B. J. Surhoff lost a fly ball hit by Raines anyway; the ball fell for a double, and led to the Yankees' first run.

The ugly

Bobby Bonilla crashed into the right-field wall in the seventh inning trying to track a fly ball hit by Bernie Williams, and suffered a left-shoulder bruise and had to come out of the game.

A move that paid off ...


The Orioles activated Tony Tarasco because they were worried about being short on outfielders, and sure enough, when Bonilla went down and out, Tarasco was inserted in his first meaningful big-league appearance since May.

... and one that didn't

Davey Johnson may have overplayed his hand in the seventh inning with his multiple changes. He wound up with Armando Benitez -- who can be erratic -- pitching to Darryl Strawberry with the bases loaded. Benitez walked in a run before striking out Mariano Duncan to end the inning.


The Orioles used five relievers, including right-hander Benitez for an inning and Randy Myers for 1 2/3 innings. Alan Mills warmed up in the bullpen, but the Orioles didn't call on him to pitch, another indication his strained groin muscle is still bothering him. Yankees setup man Mariano Rivera had to pitch two innings, and not once during the season did he pitch two innings in back-to-back games. Both managers will be reluctant to go to their bullpen early today, because there will be no day off before Game 3.

Pub Date: 10/10/96