Break out of neutral with color


I have no confidence at all when it comes to buying clothes, and I might as well be colorblind. I'm so insecure, I always stick to neutrals.

I go for grays and beiges as well as those other safe colors, black and brown.

My sister constantly nags me about it. Her latest approach has been to buy me what she wants me to wear.

For fall, she gave me a red coat, saying, "At the very least dress up those boring colors."

I actually like the coat, but I don't know whether this is right for me.

Can I wear it with my beige suits and other neutrals?

One of New York's most popular designers, Isaac Mizrahi, says your sister has a point.

"A bright coat is an easy way to make your existing wardrobe look new again. So is a bright jacket or blouse. Fashion is embracing color right now, and you have lots of choices that go beyond black, navy and charcoal.

"Colors can be combined in fantastic ways that you might not expect but look great. Sometimes it's not about things that match, but things that go together.

"Since your sister cares so much about you, how about taking her shopping with you? She could help you develop your color sense and open your eyes to lots of fresh possibilities."

Mizrahi is right. You probably have more of a color sense than you know.

Pub Date: 10/10/96

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