Central School to reopen with water supply


Central Special School is expected to reopen today, with a water tank pumping fresh water into the Edgewater school for NTC severely disabled children.

Contractors and school employees were to work through the night to set up the temporary water line with a tanker and pump, said spokeswoman Jane Doyle.

The school has been closed for three days because the water supply for the five-school South River complex was found to be contaminated with solvents Oct. 3. Since Friday, bottled water has been in use at the other four schools while water lines were being flushed and water samples tested.

But many of Central's 139 students could not open bottles, and their therapy pool was closed. Workers have to assist some with personal hygiene, a problem without running water.

Public works officials said they do not know how low levels of five solvents got into the water. The problem seemed to be confined to the complex.

Bottled water was used at the other four schools as a precaution. The levels of solvents in the water were within federal limits.

Pub Date: 10/10/96

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