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Community's stake in the United Way Carroll County: Local needs, local services at the heart of campaign's programs.


THERE IS A TIME in each of our lives when the need is greater than we can bear alone. It's the time to look to our community for help and support.

That's what the United Way campaign is all about: providing for health and human services programs in our community through a single fund-raising effort that is most efficient in delivering services directly to people in need.

United Way programs don't just serve the destitute, the homeless, the permanently disadvantaged, although those critical needs are met through locally based organizations that receive funding. The Salvation Army and Catholic Charities, Action for the Homeless and The League for the disabled are members of the United Way. So is Human Services Programs of Carroll County, which operates shelters and support programs for the neediest.

But United Way donations also support the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the YWCA and YMCA, and other youth programs. Funds go to Meals on Wheels for the elderly, to the Carroll County Child Care Center for youngsters, and to Family and Children's Services and to Parents Anonymous to provide assistance to families.

These are not distant organizations with remote projects. Last year, United Way of Central Maryland provided nearly $1.2 million in direct services for folks in Carroll. County residents used a United Way service more than 66,000 times. One in three Central Marylanders turns to United Way agencies each year.

The need isn't diminished; it's growing here as elsewhere. United Way works hard, through local volunteers, to make your contributions effectively reach those in need.

This year, the United Way of Central Maryland has established an office in Carroll County to emphasize the community-based giving and serving that has always been at its heart. You can find out more about the programs from staff and volunteers at 56 West Main Street in Westminster, or call 410-848-2436.

The United Way truly "brings out the best in all of us," as its slogan promises, here in Carroll County and across the nation. The annual campaign is beginning in area workplaces and runs until nearly Thanksgiving. The health and welfare of our neighbors, and quite possibly ourselves, depends on its success.

Pub Date: 9/30/96

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