Corporate report cards: In the past, it...


Corporate report cards: In the past, it was often thought that CEOs had boards of directors in their hip pockets. These days, top corporate officers are likely to come under sharp scrutiny from board members, reports Korn/Ferry International, an executive search firm. Korn/Ferry found in a survey of more than 1,000 directors of big U.S. firms that 78 percent now evaluate CEOs' performance, up from 67 percent in 1994. Nine out of 10 boards use targets set at the beginning of the year to measure how well an executive is doing. Boards themselves are also getting report cards, Korn/Ferry reports. Nearly half the directors surveyed said their boards have committees that review director performance.

Move it: Office furniture maker Haworth Inc. has some revolutionary advice for muscle-cramped computer users: Get up and move around, even if it means actually going over to talk to co-workers instead of e-mailing them. And when you're sitting, Haworth suggests correcting your posture. If possible, vary your tasks so you can take breaks and can get up and about.

Pub Date: 9/29/96

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