Vito Stellino's power rankings


1. Green Bay: In this poll, you can stay No. 1 with a loss.

2. Kansas City: Chiefs are 17-3 since start of '95 season.

3. Indianapolis: Give Colts their due. They're for real.

4. Minnesota: Warren Moon doesn't show his age.

5. Pittsburgh: Can Mike Tomczak keep Steelers rolling?

6. San Francisco: Steve Young's injury will hurt 49ers.

7. Dallas: Michael Irvin's return may be too late to save Cowboys.

8. Buffalo: Never count the Bills out.

9. Denver: John Elway's arm may be bothering him.

10. Carolina: Panthers aren't as good as their record.

L 11. San Diego: Chargers may be returning to their 1994 form.

12. Philadelphia: Ricky Watters has to hang onto the ball.

13. Washington: Redskins are making hay with easy schedule.

14. Miami: Dolphins will miss Dan Marino.

15. Houston: Oilers are rebuilding in a hurry.

16. Detroit: Barry Sanders is wasting his career here.

17. New England: Can Patriots defend the Hail Mary pass?

18. Ravens: Too bad they can't play the Saints every week.

19. Cincinnati: Who's going to complain this week?

20. Arizona: Bill Bidwill's team plays a St. Louis team this week.

21. Chicago: It has been downhill since the Dallas win.

22. St. Louis: Starting a rookie quarterback is folly.

23. Seattle: At least Seahawks can beat the Bucs.

24. Oakland: Whatever happened to pride and poise?

25. Jacksonville: Jaguars are playing like an expansion team.

L 26. New York Giants: They go back to playing real NFL teams.

27. Tampa Bay: Best of the winless teams.

28. Atlanta: Falcons won't miss Jeff George.

29. New Orleans: Jim Mora was better in the USFL.

30. New York Jets: Back where they belong.

Pub Date: 9/27/96

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