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Dealer is seeking $1 million for Ripken Sept. 5 HR ball Urban says Murray offer has changed market values


A Maryland memorabilia dealer is hoping to cash in on the hoopla surrounding the $500,000 about to be paid for the ball Eddie Murray hit for his 500th home run.

Robert Urban, known as Mr. Memorabilia, is representing the holders of the ball Cal Ripken hit for a homer last Sept. 5 -- the day he tied Lou Gehrig's mark for consecutive games played. Urban originally helped Michael Stirn sell the same ball for $41,700 last year, but now is trying to get $1 million for the new holders of the Ripken ball.

Urban said a recent offer of $500,000 for the Murray ball has completely changed the market value for this type of memorabilia.

Urban said the holders of the Ripken ball originally planned to have it displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., and planned to sell it when Ripken retired, expecting the value then to be at its highest.

But that was before Michael Lasky made his offer for the Murray ball.

"To you, $10 might be a lot of money, but to someone else a million might not be that much," Urban said. "It's all relative."

Urban said he already has two "serious inquiries" from buyers since putting an advertisement in The Sun.

Lasky, who advertised in The Sun that he would pay $500,000 for the Murray ball, is scheduled to buy the ball today from Dan Jones, who originally caught it. Lasky is the owner of a service that offers telephone psychic advice.

Pub Date: 9/24/96

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