25 years agoTorrential rains heavily damaged roads...


25 years ago

Torrential rains heavily damaged roads in the South Patapsco drainage area over the weekend and a roads official estimated 2,000 man-hours would be needed to repair them. The county commissioners told road officials to instruct their men not to drive into flood waters because of the danger of becoming trapped. Saturday night, three road workers were trapped for several hours before they could be rescued by boat. -- Democratic Advocate, Sept. 16, 1971.

75 years ago

fTC The vehicular congestion on Main Street, particularly on Saturday nights, with frequent minor accidents, suggests that an ordinance be passed to remove all hitching posts in this section of the town and provide for a well-lighted private hitching ground. Automobiles by pulling close alongside the curb can park on either side of the street and still provide ample space for vehicles to pass without interruption. On the other hand, horse-drawn vehicles must hitch diagonally in order to avoid cutting off the hitching space for one or two others, yet occupy considerably more of the street's width than an automobile. We feel sure this plan would meet with the approval of the drivers of both kinds of vehicles. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Sept. 16, 1921.

Pub Date: 9/22/96

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