Hits and misses


On the field: As Scott Erickson kept throwing sinkers and getting ground balls, the infielders behind him kept making plays. Roberto Alomar made a lunging catch and flip to Cal Ripken for a force in the first, and they combined for the first of three Orioles double plays in the second inning.

In the dugout: The greatest home run-hitting team in history turned to the bunt last night. Alomar bunted Brady Anderson to third in the first inning, setting up the Orioles' first run, and Anderson squared to bunt in the third inning, after Mark Parent led off with a walk.

In the clubhouse: Davey Johnson doesn't think the playoff schedule gives any advantage to the higher seed. Should the Orioles qualify as the wild-card team, for example, they'd play the first two games at home, the next three on the road. "To me, the advantage would be if you had the first two games at home, and three on the road," Johnson said. "That, to me, would be the real home-field advantage."

Pub Date: 9/19/96

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