Some nice, familiar stocks, and several worth discovering


SHORT SUBJECTS for the long pull:

GROWTH GIANTS: Boeing, Coca-Cola, CSX, Federal Home Loan, GE, Merck, Microsoft and Procter & Gamble appear under "Core Stocks for Long-Term Appreciation" in S&P; Outlook, Sept. 11.

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: "Internet and multimedia glamour stocks have hogged the recent limelight, but an unlikely industry has also performed spectacularly this year -- education. Examples: Children's Comprehensive and DeVry." (Fortune, Sept. 30.)

WALL STREET WATCH: "Tired of chasing 'hot' funds? Sick of trying to beat the market? Relax and slip into a comfortable index fund, a fund that tracks the market as a whole." (Kiplinger's Magazine, October.)

BE CAREFUL: "The Securities and Exchange Commission has ruled that fund managers who leave a firm to start another fund can use old records to attract investors. Caution: the record may have been with a firm with much greater resources." (Personal Finance, Sept. 11.)

BALTIMORE BEAT: Maryland-based Manor Care is listed under "Five Stocks Ron Baron Favors Most," in Money, October. Baron's five-year Asset Fund gain ranks in the top 2 percent of funds.

CHECK THIS OUT: "If you're over 59 1/2 or a few years younger, and have $25,000 to $50,000 in CDs or a bank, consider a tax-deferred annuity instead. Annuities' rates are often higher than with CDs -- and you postpone taxes!" (Moneypaper, September.)

FATTER PAYCHECKS: "Winning Moves to Get More Pay": "Work the firm's bonus plan; bonuses average 7-8 percent of salaries. Find out where your firm's growth areas are, then move there. Get career-enhanced training; an advanced degree can boost your salary." (Money, October.)

STRETCHING IRA: "If you name a nonspouse (a child or grandchild, for example) as your IRA beneficiary, your heir or heirs may be able to stretch out withdrawals over their life spans, extending the tax-free payout." (Forbes.)

KEEPING AHEAD: "If you haven't restructured your company in the past three years, you're in trouble. A company is not a Catholic marriage -- forever. It's California style -- one year at a time." (Ichak Adizes, management theorist, in INC, September.)

SEPTEMBER SONGS II: The Kiplinger Washington Letter says that by 1999, government checks will be direct-deposited -- for such things as Social Security, payments to federal employees and retirees -- which will save the government millions of dollars each year.

"U.S. households now have 63 percent of their net worth invested in stocks, the highest level ever." (The Aden Forecast.)

The Inn at Perry Cabin, in St. Michaels, is listed under "Where Executives Love to Stay: Top 15 U.S. Resort Hideaways," in Forbes, Sept. 23.

Pub Date: 9/18/96

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