A year of gorillas in our midst


"WE ARE BULKING up to become an 800-pound gorilla." Candidate Patrick L. McDonough, quoted by William F. Zorzi Jr., Oct. 3, 1995.

". . . the 800-pound gorilla of the fast-food world -- McDonald's." News item, Oct. 9, 1995.

". . . the predictable backlash that any 800-pound gorilla can expect to draw," referring to computer magnate Bill Gates. Jean Marbella, Nov. 30, 1995.

"The major meat packers -- those 800-pound gorillas." Peter A. Jay column, Dec. 3, 1995.

". . . the 800-pound gorilla known as the middle class." Jane Bryant Quinn, Dec. 10, 1995.

"Hopkins is the 500-pound gorilla." Martin Scholz, director of rTC institutional advancement, the College of Notre Dame, quoted in a news story, Dec. 25, 1995.

House Republican freshmen "have become the 800-pound gorilla of Washington politics." Karen Hosler, Jan. 26, 1996.

". . . that 500-pound gorilla, Johns Hopkins University." Mike Bowler, May 22, 1996.

"Giant Food Inc., living up to its name, remains the area's 800-pound gorilla." Alec Matthew Klein, June 12, 1996.

"We have a 600-pound gorilla on our doorstep." Jerome Bird of Canton, referring to the Bay Cafe, July 12, 1996.

"It's Perot's ballgame. You're in the jungle of the 400-pound gorilla." Ralph Copeland of the Virginia Reform Party, referring to Ross Perot, July 12, 1996.

A tax-fattened simian

"Medicaid: the 800-pound gorilla that's taking all our tax dollars." News item, July 14, 1996.

"It's so difficult to beat a party's 800-pound gorilla." Barry Rascovar, predicting that Parris Glendening and Ellen Sauerbrey will be their parties' candidates for governor again in 1998, Sept. 1, 1996.

"The old 8,000-pound gorilla that lumbers around every five years -- it's called [school] lunch." Karol V. Menzie, Sept. 4, 1996.

Hopkins, "the 800-pound gorilla on the local college scene." Debbie M. Price, Sept. 8, 1996.

"The economy is the 800-pound gorilla." Jay Hancock, Sept. 9, 1996.

Mike Bowler, who compiled this list, has not spared himself.

Pub Date: 9/17/96

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