'Nova,' 'Second Noah' and Miss America Pageant


Will Miss Maryland be judged the fairest in the land? Watch NBC tonight and find out unless you've got something better to do, like the dishes.

"Nova" (6 p.m.-8 p.m., MPT, Channels 22 and 67) -- The acclaimed science series continues its 10-year look at a group of seven students who entered medical school in 1987.

"Second Noah" (8 p.m.-9 p.m., WMAR, Channel 2) -- TV's favorite extended family, animals and all, is back for a second season, with Danny (Jon Torgerson) falling in love with the school goddess and Ricky (James Marsden) trying to put some distance between himself and his girlfriend. ABC.

"Classic Stand-Up Comedy of Television" (8 p.m.-9: 30 p.m., WBAL, Channel 11) -- Marlo Thomas (whose dad was a pretty funny guy himself) is the host for this look at some of TV's funniest bits, as judged by the folks at the Museum of Television and Radio. NBC.

"Half Moon Street" (8 p.m.-10 p.m., WNUV, Channel 54) -- This lame thriller is famous as the film in which Sigourney Weaver plays a prostitute with a Ph.D. who spends considerable time with her shirt off. Which means there's even less reason to watch it on commercial TV.

"The Money Pit" (9 p.m.-11 p.m., WMAR, Channel 2) -- Tom Hanks and Shelley Long try to wring laughs out of a house falling down around them. No such luck, I'm afraid. Hanks, fortunately, went on to better things, while Long well, when the highlight of your movie career is playing Carol Brady, it says something about your career. ABC.

"Miss America Pageant" (9: 30 p.m.-midnight, WBAL, Channel 11) -- Regis Philbin is no Bert Parks, but this annual fleshfest from Atlantic City just keeps rolling along. And -- try not to get too excited -- you can vote for your favorite among this year's 10 semi-finalists using a special 900 telephone number (unless Miss Maryland is one of the 10; calls from the semi-finalists' home states will be blocked). NBC.


"Titanic: Death of a Dream" (10 p.m.-midnight, repeats 2 a.m.-4 a.m., A&E;) -- The incredible size of the S.S. Titanic, as well as the incredible size of the tragedy that befell it, dominate this two-hour look at what happens when man meets iceberg. Photos, diary entries and interviews with survivors make for a fascinating documentary.

"Crime of the Century" (8 p.m.-10 p.m., HBO) -- Decades before O.J., there was Bruno Richard Hauptmann, tried, convicted and executed (on much flimsier evidence than was used against O.J. Simpson) for kidnapping the baby son of Charles Lindbergh. Stephen Rea ("The Crying Game") plays Hauptmann, with Isabella Rossellini as his wife, Anna.

Pub Date: 9/14/96

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