Kemp calls Clinton 'vague,' 'uncertain'


AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Jack Kemp, the Republican vice presidential nominee, yesterday blamed the "worsening situation" in Iraq on President Clinton's "vacillation" and failure to state clear objectives in the Persian Gulf.

"The failure to define our objectives and to tell the American people how he intends to carry out those objectives and carry out this mission is, in my opinion, emboldening Saddam Hussein," Kemp told reporters yesterday at a campaign stop in Augusta, Ga.

Kemp, who issued a statement and met briefly with reporters, said there were several clear objectives that had to be achieved before the current mission could be considered a success. Chief among them was withdrawal of Hussein's forces from northern Iraq and Iraqi cooperation with the United Nations weapons inspections, along with ending the "brutalization of the Kurds."

"It is apparent none of these objectives has been met," Kemp said. "Our alliances are in disarray and support for our mission is at risk because President Clinton's policy is vague and uncertain."

Pub Date: 9/12/96

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