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Judge finds patient guilty of robbing, beating man


A man who was a patient at Springfield State Hospital when he was accused last year of robbing and beating a 68-year-old outpatient of $40 was found guilty in county Circuit Court yesterday.

Ronald Lee Brown, 28, who has been held at the county detention center since the Sept. 30, 1995, incident, pleaded not guilty but accepted the prosecutor's version of what happened in exchange for a maximum sentence of four years in prison with credit for time served.

Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. accepted the plea bargain, found Brown guilty of robbery and battery, and postponed sentencing until Nov. 6. The delay allows Brown's attorney time to find a living arrangement for the defendant acceptable to the court and prosecutor Clarence W. Beall III.

According to the statement of facts, Brown demanded $40 and a pipe from the victim. When the man refused, the prosecutor said Brown knocked the man down with a "round-house karate kick in the face" and began to punch him repeatedly.

Beall said another person distracted Brown during the beating, and the victim was able to escape.

Soon after the incident, a hospital security guard drove the victim around the area.

They saw Brown walking about three blocks from the hospital, the prosecutor said.

Pub Date: 9/12/96

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