USA rips from headlines with 'Unabomber' movie


For proof of how fast TV can grind out a movie based on current events, take a look at USA tonight.

"The Nanny" (8 p.m.-8: 30 p.m, WJZ, Channel 13) -- The Woman With the Most Irritating Voice In the World goes on a Caribbean cruise in this repeat. CBS.

"The Sentinel" (8 p.m.-9 p.m., WNUV, Channel 54) -- Some dude is stalking this R&B; singer, and it's up to The Sentinel to protect her. Only it doesn't seem she's that interested in being protected. UPN.

"Ghost" (8: 30 p.m.-11 p.m., WJZ, Channel 13) -- Patrick Swayze dies, Demi Moore cries (a lot) and Whoopi Goldberg sasses all over the place. Yep, must be "Ghost," that 1990 tear-jerker that brought Goldberg an Oscar, made pottery look sexy and revealed "Unchained Melody" to an all-new generation of fans. Sure it's schmaltz, but it's good, effective schmaltz. And you'll love it when the bad guy gets his. CBS.

"Star Trek: Voyager" (9 p.m.-10 p.m., WNUV, Channel 54) -- Even after 30 years, it looks like the crew of the good ship Enterprise is never going to get much rest. This time, it's George Takei and Grace Lee Whitney to the rescue of a spin-off series, reprising the roles of Sulu and Janice Rand. Seems Tuvok, the Voyager's resident Vulcan, got his start aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior, under the command of Captain Sulu. Sharp-eyed fans will recognize much of what follows from "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country." UPN.

"NewsRadio" (9: 30 p.m.-10 p.m., WBAL, Channel 11) -- In a repeat, Dave and Lisa are trapped inside the station during a fire. But the building isn't the only thing getting hot. NBC.


"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (8: 30 p.m.-10: 15 p.m. AMC) -- Gene Tierney is a widow whose seaside cottage is haunted by the ghost of a ship's captain, played by Rex Harrison. Back in the late '60s, this movie was made into a TV series starring Hope Lange, Richard Mulhare and Charles Nelson Reilly.

"Unabomber: The True Story" (9 p.m.-11 p.m., USA) -- That's what the blurbs promise, at least; the film was unavailable for preview. Tobin Bell stars as Ted Kaczynski, everybody's least-favorite hermit. Robert Hays plays his brother, David, who goes to the authorities when he begins suspecting his brother is behind the bombings.

Pub Date: 9/11/96

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