150 years ago in The SunSept. 9:...


150 years ago in The Sun

Sept. 9: Almost every-one that uses anthracite coal in this city, is grumbling at the high price of that article at the present time. At this time last year, it could be had at $5 per ton, delivered to the door. Now the price is $6, with an extra charge for delivery.

Sept. 13: "The man who starves a horse degrades humanity." The same may be said of the man who abuses in any way the horse or any other dumb-beast.

100 years ago in The Sun

Sept. 9: The bicycle is becoming more and more conspicuous as efforts are made to adapt it to other uses besides a pleasure vehicle. The possibilities of the uses of the wheel seem to be tremendous.

Sept. 11: Mr. George J. Klingelhofer writes to The Sun as follows: "Since the opening of our schools I have been surprised and shocked at the number of schoolboys seen smoking cigarettes on the streets, not only boys of 15 or 16 but little 'tackers' of ten and under. No lover of his country can contemplate the injurious effect of this habit upon the very young boys of our land without a painful thought of what the future American is to be in brain and body."

50 years ago in The Sun

Sept. 8: After a week on the road, the Baltimore Elite Giants' baseball team will return to Bugle Field on Tuesday night to resume its Negro National League campaign.

Sept. 9: Washington, Sept. 8 (AP) -- Within ten years, rockets from the earth will reach the moon, in the opinion of Col. James G. Bain, chief of the guided missiles branch of the Army Ordnance Department of Research and Development.

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