Vito Stellino's power rankings


1. Green Bay: Even the president's on the bandwagon.

2. San Francisco: 49ers may have found a running game.

3. Dallas: It's time for Barry Switzer to prove he can coach.

4. Buffalo: Oldies but goodies.

5. Kansas City: Chiefs find a way to win in the regular season.

6. Miami: Jimmy Johnson found a running game.

7. Denver: John Elway still makes Broncos go.

8. Pittsburgh: Steelers miss Neil O'Donnell.

9. San Diego: Chargers could recover their super form.

10. Indianapolis: Maybe Jim Harbaugh's for real.

11. Chicago: Bryan Cox is making a difference.

12. Philadelphia: Ray Rhodes refuses to lose.

13. Ravens: This could be a rebirth for Vinny Testaverde.

14. St. Louis: Rams could start fast again.

15. Minnesota: Who's Brad Johnson?

16. Carolina: Panthers don't look like an expansion team.

17. Jacksonville: See above.

18. Cincinnati: Ki-Jana Carter is off to a slow start.

19. Houston: Ditto for Eddie George.

20. Detroit: Scott Mitchell has to get in a groove.

21. Atlanta: Jeff George has to find his touch.

22. New Orleans: Jim Everett isn't the answer.

23. Oakland: When will Mike White be fired?

24. New England: Drew Bledsoe is still struggling.

25. Seattle: Rick Mirer isn't the player he was in college.

26. Washington: Norv Turner is always rebuilding.

27. Arizona: Cardinals never seem to improve.

28. Tampa Bay: Tony Dungy hasn't yet made a difference.

29. N.Y. Giants: Dave Brown can't play.

30. N.Y. Jets: Big money didn't make them better.

Pub Date: 9/06/96

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