Letterman to go ad-free for a night


If you're sick of those pesky commercial interruptions during "Late Show With David Letterman," then CBS' one-time-only show with no commercial breaks is just for you.

No date yet, but one night this month, Letterman's one-hour show will run without interruption, although there will be some mention, some way, of sponsors. (After all, they've got to get something for the money they're paying.)

"We're going to go to four advertisers and for one night get some notoriety and some spin," said Joe Abruzzese, CBS' president of ad sales. "Would I do it on a continuing basis? No. Our lifeblood is commercials."

Exactly how the advertisers would be referred to on air has yet to be decided. There's a possibility there would simply be an announcement that the show is sponsored by advertiser so-and-so. Another option: Have an ad message at the bottom of the screen, like ABC did a few years ago during World Cup soccer.

Typically, each "Late Show" contains 16 half-minute ad spots, at about $45,000 apiece.

Pub Date: 9/04/96

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