25 years agoDespite delays, the Carroll County...


25 years ago

Despite delays, the Carroll County Vocational Technical Center will open its doors on schedule Sept. 7 for the first year of operation of the new program, a school official said. -- Democratic Advocate, August 16, 1971.

75 years ago

Several miscreants, evidently unacquainted with the law, overstepped the limits of all practical jokes a few nights ago when beginning at the railroad, the crossing gates were left down. They continued through town, carrying porch furniture and house flowers from porches and, in some cases, breaking them, and committing numerous other pranks. It appears there is a dark cloud of suspicion resting over the heads of the perpetrators so that a repetition of these acts might result in bringing them face-to-face with the law. -- Union Bridge Pilot, August 19, 1921.

100 years ago

The manager of the Sentinel has received a letter from Jesse L. W. Baltzley, dated at Springfield Asylum, in which Mr. Baltzley writes that he went from Spring Grove to Springfield July 15, and likes it there. In this letter, he makes some calculations of the number of ties, rails and spikes in the Western Maryland Railroad which may interest some of our young arithmeticians sufficiently to test their accuracy. He states that there are, to the mile, 2,816 ties, 352 rails, 11,264 spikes and 31 telegraph poles; that the length of the road is 93 miles, making all told, 261,888 ties, 32,736 rails, 1,047,552 spikes, 2,883 telegraph poles, and that the length of the road, in feet, is 491,040. -- American Sentinel, August 22, 1896.

Pub Date: 9/01/96

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