School welcomes new teachers


IT'S THAT WONDERFUL TIME of the year when all good scholars trudge unwittingly to school and the rest of us get a respite from the summer's whine. No more do we hear "I'm bored." Now all we hear is how awful the teachers are and how mean the principals can be. The fall whine is, "I have too much homework."

The new school year brings many changes. Last year's classmates have grown taller, better-looking and wiser. Teachers retire, move on or change classrooms. New teachers arrive.

Arriving at Hammond Elementary are Suzan Ulgar and Nancy Regotti in first grade, Colleen DeJordy in second, Edwin Saunders in fourth, Amy Rappaport in fifth, Doug Lea in instrumental music and Cynthia Jennings in speech and


We're sure that in a week, these new teachers will feel like old hands.

Part of the reason new staff members feel so welcome at Hammond is the tremendous effort of the PTA.

Parents and others put up all sorts of bulletin boards and displays at the school. Kudos to Dottie Balaban, Kathy Mattos, Joan McCaw, Donna Merson, Bonnie Miller and Darla Trigger for their artistry.

Teachers celebrated the end of a harried week preparing classrooms and getting ready for the official opening of school with a breakfast courtesy of PTA members Veronica Daniels, Nicole Dumais, Audrey Estrain, Kerry Greer, Merson and Miller. They all are members of the staff-appreciation committee.

Those wishing to meet the new staff members and terrific members of the school can come on back-to-school night at 7 p.m. Sept. 30.

Laurel Woods changes

Hammond Elementary isn't the only school with staff changes. Laurel Woods has a changing roster, too.

Many new teachers, though, are familiar ones who are teaching different classes.

In first grade, Nicole Bruette will substitute for Carole Ferguson. Yvette Custis returns to Laurel Woods after an absence of many years. Another returning teacher is Gail Brown-Niles, in second grade. Former fourth-grade teacher Karen Stiller will teach second grade this year.

Amy Kowitz joins the fifth-grade staff. Tracey Hanks moves from fifth grade to third. Megan Downs and Nina Birenberg are the two new fourth-grade teachers, and Heather Wishart is the new fifth-grade teacher.

Former second-grade teacher Chanel Mosby will work in the Title 1 unit this year. Charity Welch joins the resource team. Katie Barbagallo joins the gifted-and-talented team. Alison Weintraub will be the new psychologist.

Monica Ballard will be the new English-as-a-second-language teacher. Karen Pumphre and Sharon Punte are the new vocal music team. Kim Spanos-Telsing will substitute for Ann Edwards of the media center. Former fourth-grade teacher David Larner will teach technology and health this year.

Bruce Wong and Gretchen Hodge join the art department. Check out the beautiful oil painting of Laurel Woods students in the office. It was painted by a former staff member.

All in all, it's quite a whirlwind of changes at Laurel Woods. Parents and friends are invited to back-to-school night at 6: 30 p.m. Sept. 30 to see the changes, view the artwork, meet the teachers and let students show off their workplace.

Pub Date: 8/30/96

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