Jimmie Cone ice cream store planned for Mount Airy area Branch opening is set for March


A deal done over a baseball game will bring Mount Airy its first ice cream store.

Dan and Bonnie Leiter plan to open a branch of their Damascus Jimmie Cone store in Foodrite Shopping Center at Main Street and Ridgeville Boulevard. The store is scheduled to open in March.

Jimmy Linton, co-owner of the shopping center, said he and Leiter reached an agreement at a local ball field during the summer. "Our sons played on the same baseball team and we got to talking and he asked if we had any space," Linton explained.

Linton said the store will be built on a hill overlooking Ridge- ville Boulevard and entry will be through the shopping center. "It's kid-proof in that it's not along any road," he said.

Like the original store on Ridge Road in Damascus, the Mount Airy Jimmie Cone will sell soft ice cream, banana splits, malts, hot dogs, beef barbecue sandwiches, tacos and sodas. It also will sell fat-free and sugar-free frozen yogurt in competition with TCBY, a frozen yogurt store in Mount Airy Shopping Center.

Leiter said the decision to open a Jimmie Cone branch in Mount Airy was prompted by the town's rapid growth.

"In 12 or 13 years of living here, I can remember when there wasn't a Pizza Hut, there wasn't a McDonald's," he said. "The growth in Mount Airy is just great."

Leiter, 32, a native of Hagerstown, and his family came to the area because of a job change. He and his wife bought the Jimmie Cone in 1990 from Bill and Dorothy Harris, son and daughter-in-law of the original owner.

Planned at 1,000 square feet, the Mount Airy branch will be larger than the original Jimmie Cone. The Damascus store gets crowded at times, but the site is landlocked and can't be expanded, Leiter said.

The plan has received approval from the town planning commission. Leiter said he is working with an architect on the design.

Leiter plans to divide his time between the two stores.

Pub Date: 8/30/96

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