Modell happy to meet with Trumpy Owner disputes remarks, says NFL commentator doesn't have the facts


Ravens owner Art Modell does not have a meeting scheduled with commentator Bob Trumpy, but he says he would be more than happy to sit down with the television commentator and discuss the reasons he moved the team from Cleveland to Baltimore.

In a recent issue of Inside Sports magazine, Trumpy criticized Modell for moving the team, calling the owner's actions "criminal."

Trumpy is expected to visit the Ravens' practice today.

"I don't want him to back down or apologize to the fans of Baltimore," said Modell. "I would want our meeting to be informational, not confrontational.

"He keeps using my situation in an analogy to Al Davis' move from Oakland, and this is not proper," said Modell. "Of course I spoke out against Al Davis' move in court because he broke three or four of the league's bylaws. And he still doesn't want to pay the league relocation fees.

"I did everything by the rules, before various league committees," said Modell. "It's a whole different equation, not like I have double standards. In fairness to NBC, to Mr. Trumpy and myself, I would like to let him know the facts.

"I am also the only owner in major-league sports to have moved and left the name and colors in that town. I want to put an end to the Cleveland chapter of my life, but certain people won't let me."

Devries placed on IR

Ozzie Newsome, the team's vice president of pro personnel, said the Ravens will be under the salary cap with reserve offensive tackle Jed Devries being put on injured reserve.

Devries was put on the injured list Wednesday and will not be paid his full contract salary. The Ravens would have been $46,000 over the salary-cap limit by tomorrow.

The team will keep 50 players on the roster and four on injured reserve. Newsome said the team may name some players to the developmental squad later.

Hartley has knee surgery

The Ravens will open their first regular season on Sunday with only two tight ends, and they may remain that way until Frank Hartley returns next month.

Hartley had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee yesterday morning at Kernan Hospital, with team doctor Claude Moorman repairing torn cartilage. Hartley is expected to begin his rehabilitation today, and could return in three to four weeks.

Hartley, the team's best blocking tight end, who had been

bothered for weeks by pain in the knee, had not practiced in more than a week. He stayed home for treatment while the Ravens traveled to Buffalo for last Friday's preseason finale.

He tried practicing on Wednesday, but wound up reinjuring the knee near the end of the workout. Before practicing, Hartley said the knee had felt better than it had all year.

"Then, he twisted it, felt a pop, and tore it," Moorman said. "There were no surprises [with Hartley's surgery]."

View from other side

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown has been studying the Ravens' defense on film, and he has taken special note of safeties Eric Turner and Stevon Moore and of rookie middle linebacker Ray Lewis.

"The strength of that secondary is those two big safeties," Brown said.

"They'll come up and hit you hard. They're great run supporters, and they'll stick one of those guys in the slot and let them play a slot receiver one-on-one."

As for Lewis, Brown said: "He looks like a pretty active guy, a guy who runs from sideline to sideline. That's all I worry about. I want to know if that linebacker can hit me on that curl-in route. He looks like that type of guy. He's a guy we're going to keep our eyes on."

Ready for track meet

Even without Raghib Ismail, the Raiders have a lot of talent and speed at wide receiver, most notably Brown, who has led the AFC in receiving yards the past three seasons.

"It seems like they have a world-class 4 x 100 relay team out there," said cornerback Antonio Langham, who will guard Brown. "It's going to be a track meet. I'm thinking about calling Michael Johnson and seeing if I can borrow a pair of those gold track shoes he ran in."

Pub Date: 8/30/96

Ravens weekend

The Ravens will kick off their opening weekend with a "Celebrate the Return" rally downtown tomorrow night -- not Friday night, as previously reported -- featuring fireworks, two free concerts and a ball relay that will include former Colts Lenny Moore, Bruce Laird, Stan White and former Maryland Stadium Authority chairman Herb Belgrad.

Events start at 7 p.m. with a concert by jazz guitarist Carl Filipiak at the Inner Harbor. The ball relay will begin at 7: 50 p.m. at Mount Vernon and Charles streets and proceed south to Harborplace. Stadium authority chairman John Moag, Ravens owner Art Modell and Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke will speak. Fireworks will start at 8: 20 p.m., followed by a Ravyns concert.

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