Pantsuits focus on femininity


Each season I update my work wardrobe with a new pantsuit. They are great for me, making me look slimmer and taller. What's more, they fit in well with my job as a traveling sales rep.

But when I announced I was planning to buy a man's pinstripe suit this fall, both my mother and my boyfriend acted as if I were leaving town for good.

My mother says pantsuits are giving way to softer dressing, and my boyfriend says menswear is for men. Who's right?

It's not a matter of right or wrong; it's what suits you that counts. Pantsuits are among the hottest items each season, for the simple reason that they work for women.

The look for fall is softer, with rounder shoulders and more detailing.

As for menswear fabrics, here's the word from Hamburg designer Jil Sander, who has been using them for 20 years:

"All those fabrics -- plaids, checks, tweeds, pinstripes and flannels -- now belong equally to women.

"What you should look for is a suit that is made of soft, rich material that drapes in an artistic, sculptural way. Pay attention to new proportions, modern cuts and refined quality. Then you'll have a suit that will reinforce your feminine power, without

making you look tough."

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Pub Date: 8/29/96

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