Employees dodge getaway car to retrieve stolen lumber


Employees of a Glen Burnie hardware center dodged a getaway car and helped police apprehend two suspects Tuesday who were charged with stealing lumber and possessing drugs, county police said.

David Roy Bogdanowicz, 28, of the 7900 block of Allard Court in Glen Burnie, and Patrick Vernon Middleton, 28, of the 1400 block of Annapolis Road in Odenton were charged with two counts of theft, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Bogdanowicz also was charged with two counts of assault with auto, driving without a license, operating an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, and possession of stolen tags.

Officer Robert Cordery was patrolling the 6700 block of Ritchie Highway near the Hechinger Home Project Center shortly before 6 p.m., when he saw a commotion and several employees flagged him down.

When he pulled up, he saw the employees chasing a 1982 Datsun Sentra, which came toward him and stopped only three feet from the patrol car. The officer stopped the driver as he got out of the car. Witnesses told police they were chasing the car because its driver and passenger had stolen lumber from the store.

Employees said they saw the men on Lang Street at the rear of the store in the Chesapeake Square Shopping Center loading lumber into the car. As they tried to leave without paying for it, employee Steve Sutherland ran to the street to get the car's license tag number, police said.

The culprits accelerated and tried to run over Sutherland, forcing him to jump out of the way. Several other employees ran out and chased the car into the store parking lot. The passenger then got out and ran into the store, saying he was going to pay for the lumber, police said.

Manager Patti Weaver stood behind the car and called for a forklift to box the driver in, police said. The driver shifted the car in reverse and backed toward Weaver, who jumped onto a curb to keep from getting hit, police said. The driver tried to drive away, but was confronted by the officer.

Police arrested the men and searched the car where they found the 24 pieces of lumber, valued at $158, a pipe under the driver's seat and what later tested positive for cocaine residue, police said.

Pub Date: 8/23/96

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