Overseas duty for 2 O'sA major-league all-star...


Overseas duty for 2 O's

A major-league all-star team will resume Japanese postseason tours for the first time since 1992, playing an eight-game series from Oct. 31-Nov. 10.

Cal Ripken, Ken Griffey, Albert Belle, Alex Rodriguez, Mike Piazza, Chuck Knoblauch, Andres Galarraga and Ivan Rodriguez are among the players already selected for the major-league roster.

"I think it's awesome," Anderson said. "I've been wanting to go for four years."

Others also already selected are Robin Ventura, Eric Young, Todd Hundley, Brady Anderson, John Franco, Tom Glavine, Pedro J. Martinez, Denny Neagle (Arundel) and Troy Percival.

The exact dates and sites have not yet been picked.

Pub Date: 8/23/96

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