Hits and misses


On the field: Alex Rodriguez hit a long pop to right leading off the third inning, and second baseman Roberto Alomar ranged far into the outfield to make the catch. When he did finally haul in the pop, he was 100 feet or so from the right-field wall, and just in front of right fielder Bobby Bonilla.

In the dugout: An hour before last night's game, Orioles bench coach Andy Etchebarren and pitching coach Pat Dobson hadn't had a chance to sit down and decide who would make the decision when to warm up pitchers or relieve them, but Dobson said he probably would assume the responsibility.

In the clubhouse: "As far as I know, everything's going to be all right. I talked to Pat [Gillick, general manager] and I was going to call Davey, but Pat said they were doing a lot of tests on him and not to call [yesterday] afternoon . . . I expect him to manage tomorrow." -- Etchebarren, who managed in place of Davey Johnson after Johnson checked into a hospital with an irregular heartbeat.

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