Three men talked of mistake in robbery Family terrorized as trio ransacks Randallstown home


Three bandits who invaded and ransacked a Randallstown home, terrorizing a pregnant woman and her family, apparently barged into the wrong house, Baltimore County police said yesterday.

The masked men, talking among themselves, kept saying they must have gone to the wrong house, according to Sgt. Kevin B. Novak, a police spokesman -- but that was small comfort to the shaken family.

"We don't feel safe anymore," said Charles H. Alatise, who moved to the house in the 10000 block of Liberty Road from Northeast Baltimore two months ago with his wife Benjie and their five children. "Who knows what could happen tomorrow?"

Mrs. Alatise, 33, is expecting their sixth child by the end of the week.

Her husband, 34, said he knew of no one who would want to hurt the family. He said the family did not recognize the intruders, who wore bandannas over their faces. Two of them carried guns, the third a crowbar.

Mr. Alatise said he and a house guest, Milan Lazic, 38, a college roommate, walked out of the back door about 10 p.m. on their way to a nearby convenience store when the masked men jumped out from behind a tree and forced them back inside.

"They said they wanted money, and I said we had none. They hit me on the head with a gun as we walked back inside the house," Mr. Alatise said.

His wife was folding laundry in the living room while the children, ages 1 to 14, were playing in the basement. The robbers grabbed a sheet and tied it around Mr. Alatise's head as he lay on the floor and threw the rest of the laundry on top of him.

Using a kitchen knife, they cut the cords from the window blinds and tied Mr. Alatise's hands and then Lazic's hands, and threw Mrs. Alatise onto the floor, she said.

"I started getting contractions and terrible cramps. I kept asking them if I could please, please stretch my legs out. I promised I would not look at them, and one of them kept saying, 'Man, she's pregnant, she's pregnant.' "

She was ordered to stay on the living room floor, while the children -- by this time crying in fright from the commotion -- were told to stay in the basement. Mrs. Alatise said she began to panic when her children's cries were drowned out by the volume of the television that one of the robbers had turned up.

"When that happened, I thought, this is it. They are going to kill them and then come up here and kill us," she said. "I can't even describe how terrifying it was."

The assailants spent about 20 minutes in the house, ransacking every room before leaving with a laptop computer and about $19 taken from her husband and the guest.

All the while, the robbers asked each other if they had gotten the wrong house.

"That could mean two things," Mr. Alatise said. "That it was the wrong house because we had no money or that we were not the people they were looking for."

Pub Date: 8/22/96

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