100 years ago"Straw rides" are becoming popular...


100 years ago

"Straw rides" are becoming popular in Anne Arundel County. Often the participants will drive to the South River from Annapolis, where refreshments are served before returning home. Each person carries a tin horn. -- The Sun, Aug. 3, 1896.

The annual report of Mayor Thomas, of Annapolis, shows total receipts of $43,648.42; disbursements of $42,818.60; balance $829.82. -- The Sun, Aug. 6, 1896.

A three-member military board, selected to compile records of Union soldiers, sailors and marines who served during the Civil ,, War, met in Annapolis August 6 for its monthly meeting. -- The Sun, Aug. 7, 1896.

Camp-meeting season has begun in Anne Arundel County. Meetings are being held at Martin's Grove, Camp Parole and at Union Chapel, near Bristol. Convocational services are being held at St. Stephen's Church near Millersville and at St. Paul's Chapel in Crownsville. -- The Sun, Aug. 10, 1896.

The residence of the late Alexander Randall, on State Circle in Annapolis, is having modern improvements added to it while preserving its historic architecture, having being built in 1752. -- The Sun, Aug. 11, 1896.

Uniformed Rank, Knights of Pythias, of Annapolis have returned from a week at Ocean City. About 35, including a brass band, went on the excursion trip. -- The Sun, Aug. 12, 1896.

Architect Sperry has submitted modified plans for the erection of a public school building in Annapolis. Bids on former plans exceeded the appropriation of $18,000. -- The Sun, Aug. 26, 1896.

Pub Date: 8/18/96

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