25 years ago Clyde's Bus Service, Westminster's...


25 years ago Clyde's Bus Service, Westminster's only bus line, may soon discontinue service to the city, according to owner Clyde Didlake. Didlake attempted last spring to convert the present Pennsylvania Avenue terminal into a liquor store. Such a move, he said, would permit him to afford keeping it open all day as a place for passengers to wait for buses. But based on testimony from college officials and a petition of citizens opposed to the liquor license, the Carroll County liquor board denied Didlake's request. -- Democratic Advocate, July 15, 1971.

75 years ago Our neighbor, E. M. Nusbaum, now has provided a new parking space on his front lawn. At least, we assume so, as last Saturday morning there was plain evidence that an automobile had crossed the curb, which is about eight inches in height, crossed the pavement, and while one side of the car used the concrete steps, the other side ran up the terraced side of the lawn. This occurred during the night and consequently Mr. Nusbaum did not have the opportunity to interview anyone. -- Union Bridge Pilot, July 22, 1921.

100 years ago A thrilling scene, witnessed by several hundred people, occurred at the railroad station in this city as the 4: 28 train for Baltimore last Sunday afternoon was pulling out. Just as the train began to move, a woman with two little children attempted to board it. She placed the smaller child on the step, and seeing that it was about to be carried away, managed with difficulty to draw herself up after it. The other little one, aged about three years, was close behind her, and in perilous contiguity to the car wheels. A number of persons rushed toward it, George A. Bixler of this city reaching it first. He was pushed against the car by the crowd and whirled about, but kept on his feet and held on to the little one. After running 100 yards, the train was stopped and the child restored to its mother. Mr. Bixler risked his life to save the little one and both were in great peril for a little time. -- American Sentinel, July 25, 1896.

Pub Date: 8/11/96

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