Rejecting conditions, Wilson, Weld won't address 0)...


Rejecting conditions, Wilson, Weld won't address 0) convention

SAN DIEGO -- In a last-minute snag that spotlighted Republican efforts for tight control of the proceedings at their convention, two governors, Pete Wilson of California and William F. Weld of Massachusetts, have told convention organizers that they will not speak at the event rather then accede to conditions for their appearance.

Aides to both men said yesterday that they believed that convention organizers had set out to prevent them from speaking because they had been at the forefront of an unsuccessful effort to force the Republican Party to moderate the anti-abortion plank in its platform.

Alan Keyes announces support of Dole-Kemp


SAN DIEGO -- Conservative commentator Alan Keyes

endorsed Bob Dole yesterday, leaving Patrick J. Buchanan as the only Republican presidential candidate who has yet to back the nominee-in-waiting.

Keyes, who came to the convention with the third-largest group of delegates, said his decision was prompted by the party's passage of a conservative platform and Dole's selection of Jack Kemp as his running mate.

Dole comes to San Diego trailing Clinton by 20 points


LOS ANGELES -- Bob Dole arrives at the Republican National Convention in San Diego today trailing President Clinton by a formidable 20 percentage points, a nationwide Los Angeles Times Poll has found.

As Republicans gather, the poll shows that the president has a 56 percent to 36 percent advantage that reflects strength across the ideological and partisan spectrum.

Clinton has built his lead by establishing unity among Democratic voters; making inroads into Republican ranks; and running better among independents than any Democratic nominee since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, according to the survey of 1,572 adults taken from Aug. 3-6.

Pub Date: 8/11/96


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