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QB Sabelhaus still pondering college future


Bobby Sabelhaus, a Parade All-American quarterback for McDonogh School in 1994, is still weighing a decision whether to return to the University of Florida or transfer, and he may not play college football again until 1998.

"We know there's a timetable, but I'm not sure we're going to meet it," said Robert Sabelhaus, Bobby's father. "I know we've got a problem, if we don't make up our mind by the start of classes in August. It's not impossible that we wouldn't go anywhere in the fall."

Under NCAA rules, if Sabelhaus wants to play for another Division I-A program next year, he must be enrolled there this fall. Sabelhaus, who was to be a redshirt freshman at Florida, has not asked coach Steve Spurrier for a release from his scholarship.

"Spurrier called today [yesterday], asking our intentions," Robert Sabelhaus said. "I told him we hadn't made up our mind yet, but he probably wants a decision, either way."

Sabelhaus could return to Florida, transfer to another I-A program and play there in 1997, take the fall off and eventually transfer but sit out until 1998, or transfer to a lower division and play immediately. His father said he is not pursuing the last option.

"He's not looking at that. He wants to stay in a big-time atmosphere, but he's just not sure if Florida and Gainesville are where he wants to spend the next four years," Robert Sabelhaus said.

Pub Date: 8/08/96

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