Caws, effects agonizing NBC's syrup was tasteless


Opinion: The Ravens need to lose the tape of that "caw" they played over (and over and over) the public address system Saturday night. If they insist on persisting, they should at least sell aspirin at the concession stands.

Fact: "That rookie stuff is behind me," said Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis after one exhibition game.

Opinion: Luis Polonia got picked off too often to have any credibility, but his parting shot about the Orioles' selfishness was right on target. It was nice to hear someone in uniform say it.

Fact: Ted Marchibroda's career record is 71-67.

Opinion: Bobby Sabelhaus' possible departure from Florida is Mark Duffner's big chance at Maryland.

Fact: I had a dream about the Dream Team. One of their games was almost interesting. Then I woke up.

Opinion: The Ravens' biggest asset in '96 will be an easy schedule. Only four of their 16 games are against teams that made the playoffs in '95.

Fact: Cecil Fielder will play for the Yankees next year, too.

Opinion: Emerging from two weeks of NBC's Olympic coverage is like emerging from a giant vat of syrup.

Fact: Shaquille O'Neal will make $211,640 per game with the Lakers over the term of his seven-year contract.

Opinion: The best part of NBC's Olympic coverage was the ground-level camera that moved alongside the runners coming down the stretch.

Fact: Up in three-down land, Don Matthews (Toronto) beats Jim Speros (Montreal) over the weekend, 40-31. Matthews is 5-1, Speros 2-4.

Opinion: Mark Smith deserves a chance in the Orioles' outfield when he comes off the disabled list. He hustles, the organization has treated him poorly and he was just starting to produce when he injured his shin.

Fact: The Orioles are the only team in the bigs not to throw a shutout this season.

Opinion: Biggest differences between the Orioles and Indians, in order of importance: 1) bullpen, 2) rotation, 3) Kenny Lofton.

Fact (From the Impossible Baseball Tricks File): The Braves' Tom Glavine threw 38 pitches in an inning against the Dodgers the other day without allowing a run.

Opinion: Skip Away didn't win a Triple Crown race and he won't run in the Breeders' Cup, but he'll probably win the 3-year-old championship if he wins the Travers Stakes.

Fact: The Boston Red Sox have dropped or added more than 100 players in the past two seasons.

Opinion: Bringing Eddie Murray back for his 500th home run was fine, but the Orioles can do better at DH next year. Of Murray's 99 hits this year, 74 have been singles.

Fact: Of the 197 nations represented in Atlanta, 119 didn't win a medal.

Opinion: I have seen a lot of people run at a lot of track meets, but I have never seen anyone run like Michael Johnson.

Fact: University of Washington coach Jim Lambright favors college football's new overtime format because he doesn't want people thinking it's "more entertaining to play Nintendo than watch a college football game."

Opinion: Better not put that issue to a vote, coach.

Fact: "It takes a lot of effort to organize the Games as badly as Atlanta did," said Greece's minister of sport.

Opinion: Get rid of Mike Mussina? Worst idea ever.

Fact: The 2000 Olympic Games are scheduled for the last two weeks of September, spring in Australia, when daytime temperatures average 70 degrees in Sydney.

Opinion: It would be nice to see the Montreal Expos make the playoffs and prove you don't have to buy your way in.

Fact: Dan Marino needs slightly more than 1,000 passing yards to reach 50,000 for his career -- that's longer than the Olympic marathon.

Opinion: Major League Baseball won't interrupt a season to send a Dream Team to the Olympics, thank goodness.

Fact: There is a set of Baltimore pro football records listed in the Ravens' media guide, reflecting the performances of the original Colts of the All-America Football Conference (1947-1949) and NFL (1950) and the modern-day NFL Colts (1953-1983).

Opinion: The cost of an NBA ticket, already way overpriced, is going to go to the moon to pay for all those contracts.

Fact: The Baltimore Colts' Band will change uniforms and become the Baltimore Ravens' Band at halftime of the last game at Memorial Stadium in 1997. True story.

Pub Date: 8/06/96

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