Forthcoming Web magazine is geared to entertainment


SAN FRANCISCO -- Come Sept. 17, the millions of World Wide Web surfers out there will constitute the target audience for a new print magazine -- geared to the Web's entertainment content -- to be called the Web. Initially published bimonthly with a press run of 600,000 and based in San Francisco, Web is scheduled to go monthly just after the New Year.

Web, which has signed columns by sex-advice queen Dr. Ruth Westheimer and ubiquitous film reviewer Roger Ebert, also lists as contributing editors National Public Radio's Ira Flatow and San Francisco bad-boy radio maven Alex Bennett.

Published by the Cambridge, Mass.-based International Data Group, Web will be IDG's first consumer magazine in the U.S. and Canada. IDG has a magazine in Great Britain called Web. Some content may be shared between the two publications, said company spokeswoman Lee Doyle.

According to IDG, Web will feature "celebrity-focused features and columns, and provocative Web site reviews related to music, films, money, sex, politics and sports." Site reviews will be culled in part from other IDG publications.

Other major publishers are already producing Web print magazines, to be sure. Among them: CMP Publications' NetGuide, Ziff-Davis' Internet Life and Newsweek's Virtual City.

Greg Mason, Web's publisher, insisted that his magazine will be different, more entertaining. "The bottom line is that for most Web watchers, it's content, not technology, that inspires and excites." Mason said.

IDG is aiming Web at affluent, tech-savvy 25-to-45-year-olds -- the types of consumers who are telling surveys that they're spending ever-more time surfing the Web and ever-less time channel surfing their TVs. The print magazine will have an on-line component at

Pub Date: 8/05/96

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