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State readies guidelines on lead paint law


Dear Mr. Gisriel:

What is the status of the Lead Paint Registration Program regarding rental property passed by the state legislature last year? Where can I get more information?

George Winkler Brooklyn Park Dear Mr. Winkler:

The Lead Paint Registration law affecting rental units was passed by the General Assembly in 1994.

The law requires owners of older rental properties to take certain actions to provide a supply of low-cost, lead-safe rental housing and allows those qualifying landlords to attain limited liability protection and more affordable insurance. Currently, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is in the final stages of promulgating regulations to fully implement the Lead Paint Registration Program.

To find out if a particular rental unit needs to be registered, or for more information about the program, call the MDE's Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at (410) 631-3845.

Dear Mr. Gisriel:

My wife and I recently purchased a home. It was appraised at $165,000. In March, we refinanced, and the bank's appraisal was only $140,000. How can we correct this?

Alan Walsh Sykesville Dear Mr. Walsh:

When faced with what you believe to be a low appraisal, either meet with or write to the appraiser. To make your case, you must be able to support with objective facts a higher valuation. Merely stating that your house is worth more or that you paid more for the house will not work.

You must obtain comparables -- recent sales of houses that are similar to yours. To find comparables, you may talk to a real estate agent or go to the library and consult reports of recent realty sales activity.


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Pub Date: 8/04/96

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