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The more things change. . . Design: You won't have to haul in water for this ceramic wash basin.


I want to transform an ugly little bathroom into a pretty powder room. My taste could be called eclectic, I suppose, since I like a variety of styles as well as unusual designs. What do you think of the idea of installing a pedestal sink in that planned powder room -- perhaps one that's a bit different from the typical model? Also, can you suggest a type of wall covering for this informal space?

If you want your powder room to be charming as well as eclectic and informal, I have a suggestion for a sink that is indeed different from the usual models -- both pedestal and cabinet-encased -- but which still makes use of traditional

materials and fixtures.

The accompanying photo shows the sink I'm describing.

As you can see, it features a surface-mounted wash basin that can be plumbed below the top of a cabinet or dressing table, just like a standard sink. This bowl-shaped ceramic lavatory is reminiscent of Great-Grandma's china wash basin. She would have placed it either in a bedroom alcove or in a dressing room atop a stand that contained shelves for soaps, perfumes and towels.

With this updated version from Kohler, however, you won't have to haul in or carry away the wash water. It comes flowing out of those wall-mounted faucets, also made by Kohler.

The basin shown here is part of an entire above-the-counter lavatory collection called Vessels. Several color combinations are available, including the "garden bandanna" pattern shown here. With its varying shades of blue, this is a historically accurate rendition of a Chinese porcelain dish crafted in the late 17th century. Kohler also offers a coordinated ceramic strip tile, which in this instance was affixed just below the counter top.

I'd personally choose white marble as the surfacing material on which to rest this gently curved basin.

The lower part of the cabinet and the surrounding wall could then be covered with a narrow vertical wood paneling. Remember the walls of Grandma's sun room? That same stuff is still available. Paint it in a high-gloss acrylic -- white perhaps, but since you're willing to do things differently, a pastel might be more to your liking.

Pub Date: 8/04/96

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