Toys for big girlsThere are romantic stories...


Toys for big girls

There are romantic stories about suitors who plant a diamond bauble for sweethearts in a Cracker Jack box. Some sweethearts now may prefer the toy.

Cracker Jill Jewelry has re-created the prizes that were once found in the popular caramel popcorn snack. The metal charms are cast from the original molds of the early 1900s. As shown here, necklaces are strung with miniatures of assorted dollhouse cutlery, pottery and veggies, and no two are alike. These playful accessories are $25 at Something Else in Mount Washington.

Contrast dressing

Parisian haute couture may be dying, but not just yet. Fashion's grandmasters are sure to hold on until the millennium, so it pays to pay attention to what they're offering to their dwindling clique of big spenders for this coming fall.

The images out of Paris show a split between designers who cling to olden glories and those who can't wait to blast into another time warp.

The sensualists, like Oscar de la Renta for Balmain, cling to luxury in the form of overblown silks, florals, ruffles and bows. Futurists, like Paco Rabanne, are seeing the possibilities of catsuits made of transparent plastic disks filled with tinted water.

Madame Bovary or Barbarella? Only the super-rich have to make those decisions, thank you.

More fash and flash

Folks who feed on fashion have a new magazine to nibble. xTC Fashion Reporter covers the industry from an insider's perspective with a look at the companies, designers, models, trends and feuds -- all in a gossipy, quick format with lots of behind-the-scenes and party candids.

"Our aim is to take you on a wild ride from Seventh Avenue to Wall Street to the runways of Paris and Milan, winding up somewhere downtown, somewhat disheveled, sometime late at night," says publisher Matt Coffin, who did some serious schmoozing and selling at the designer showings to get his baby launched. It's a fun read for those who need to know significant info such as who does whose video makeup. Things you didn't know you needed. Just when some of us are coming to terms with derriere droop, control maven Nancy Ganz calls our attention to knees. "At any age, some women don't like their knees, and it's something difficult to correct or camouflage," she says. Knee Beater to the rescue -- a nylon and Lycra stretch garment that acts as a knee girdle to smooth out that troublesome area. That will put you into fashion's latest tight cigarette pants. Or not.

Pub Date: 8/04/96

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