The bald and the beautifulNever mind Demi...


The bald and the beautiful

Never mind Demi Moore, whose scalp was perhaps the last of her body parts left to bare. Never mind model Eve Savail, whose baldness and skull tattoo are a signature. The fact is that many young women are taking to the same buzz cuts that are this summer's favorite guy style. Skinheadedness may not become the official mall-girl do, but it's gaining with artsy fashion rebels.

"They're usually homemade hairdos, but we've had buzz requests," says Neal Foore, owner of Neal's on Read Street. "I'm not worried about the future of precision styling. You can't get these Baltimore girls out of a bob."

A word of caution to the clipped. Newly revealed skin is vulnerable, so be sure to SPF to the max -- scalp, ears and the nape of the neck. Hush Puppies, the shoes once loved only by clueless fathers, have achieved fashion status. The Council of Fashion Designers of America has voted them into the accessory hall of fame. Movie and rock stars wear them proudly. Edgy men's designer John Bartlett put them on the runway, as did edgy Anna Sui.

Today's Hush Puppies are louder than the pigskin suede neutrals, which were introduced in 1958. Now they also come in pastels, funky shades of red and green and two-tones.

Prices, too, have perked up. The budget originals cost $9.95, and today's models run about $70. Still a good price for a shoe that has known Sharon Stone's instep.

0 Rust and white model here is from Nordstrom. The house of Christian Dior has fired designer Gianfranco Ferre, and the haute couture collection he showed this month will be his last. The portly designer, 51, is the most recent of the older establishment names put out to pasture to make room for younger blood. His successor has not been named.

Meanwhile, Ferre continues designing, and the American debut of his less expensive secondary line, Gieffeffe, was one of the most energetic, forward and young shows of the New York fall collections. There's life in the old boy yet. The bridge between cosmetic and medical beauty regimens is becoming narrower. Alphahydroxy and glycolic acids and their derivatives were originally developed for use under a dermatologist's supervision. Now they're the active ingredients in a wide range of over-the-counter complexion and wrinkle creams.

Revlon, working on the premise that inner health manifests itself in a more beautiful exterior, has introduced a new line of women's vitamin supplements targeted at specific areas such as lifeless hair, brittle nails and/or dry skin.

The foundation of the regimen is Beauty AM/Beauty PM, a two-step daily multivitamin, mineral and herb program. "Problem solvers" such as Revlon Nail Strength, Radiant Hair, Vibrant Skin, Diet Assistance and Inner Structure are booster formulations. Good idea, if the promise of beauty keeps women aware of their nutritional needs.

The Revlon line is now available at drug stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers.

Pub Date: 7/28/96

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