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Team Dead Head

The slam-dunking skeleton of the '92 Olympics is alive and kicking. T-shirts, based on those originally worn by the Lithuanian Olympic Basketball Team and produced with funds donated by the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia, have met with such success that old and new versions of the shirts are circulating.

Greg Speirs, the artist who designed the original, wears the commemorative skull-man line, which he markets through Slow Leak Apparel at $30; (800) 550-6531.

Not Fade Away has a model at $28; (800) 888-NOTFADE.

Liquid Blue manufactures and markets the shirts through Lithuanian organizations, which sell them to raise funds to support the '96 team; (800) 658-3323.

Is there a product known to man that doesn't have some Olympics spinoff? Once upon a time sponsors supplied athletic wear, gear and money. Now everything from shirts to soap is getting the Olympics stamp.

Swatch, "the official timekeeper of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games," is not only keeping score in Atlanta, but is also participating in the cultural swim with a photo exhibit of athlete portraits by super-shooter Annie Leibovitz.

Leibovitz is best known for her quirky studies of great and powerful names in Hollywood, the arts and politics for urbane publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue and the New Yorker.

In a second spinoff, the athlete photos have been miniaturized on watch face and band in a limited-edition, Leibovitz-signed Swatch watch. Black and white images are very noir, in keeping with the photographer's fashion-insider status. A small photo loupe for closer inspection comes with it. The watch, $60, is available at the Swatch Store at Gallery at Harborplace.

Making an Olympics debut with makeup all in place is the U.S. Synchronized Swimming Team. Never mind the aquatic acrobatics; how do these women manage to smile and keep their eyes bright under water? The Avon folks have taken them under their water wing with product lines made to hold up in the pool. The smiles are by Avon's Perfect Wear Lip Color in "All Day Red," one of a growing number long-lasting formulations.

Nine-time champ Becky Dyroen-Lancer has learned some techniques for weathering the summer:

Equal parts shampoo to club soda can't be beat for getting rid of chlorine residue.

Shave the night before beach or pool. Chlorine and sun irritate.

A sealing top-coat protects light shades of nail enamel from yellowing.

No peacock designer labels for NBC's Olympics broadcast talent. They'll be dressed by traditional outdoor outfitters Eddie Bauer. The catalog giant will supply dressy tailored studio looks from the A/K/A Eddie Bauer label in addition to rugged sportswear to reporters covering the field events. Very Americana.

Pub Date: 7/21/96

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